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Pilot Logbook

Take the hassle out of logging with Logger

Feature Rich

Designed by pilots for pilots. Logger enhances the way you record, track, and manage your flights. Loggers is a comprehensive tool crafted to simplify your life, ensure regulatory compliance , and enhance your flying experience.


What Sets Us Apart

As a professional airline pilot, I have been using electronic logbooks for over a decade. These tools have been invaluable in my career, but I always sensed that there was room for improvement. This realisation sparked my journey to create something better and affordable - a true logbook by pilots, for pilots.


My expertise in aviation, combined with firsthand knowledge of the practical needs and challenges pilots face daily, has been the driving force behind creating Logger. 

I understood that what we, as pilots, require is not just a logbook that records flights, but a comprehensive tool that simplifies our lives, ensures compliance with regulations, and ultimately, enhances our flying experience. I have designed Logger to tick all those boxes and more. I had an absolute fun designing and developing Logger and I hope that you will love it! This is just a beginning. 

- Petr Smejkal

Aircraft Hangar

Top Features

We love these features and we hope that you will too!

You can easily import flights from supported airline systems and other electronic logbooks

Automated Flight Import

Create beautiful rich-text flight notes, keep track of your ratings and get notified when they are about to expire

Powerful Databases

You can mark flights as favourite, lock flights and also see function times just by looking at the flight overview

Smart Overview

Your logging experience is fully customisable. You can choose which times to log, change colours, auto-fill pilots, aircraft and airports.

Easy Logging

Your whole career at glance. Display trends, limits and estimated income. Build custom statistics, browse through interactive map.

Analyze Your Flight Experience

Explore your past flights with a finger on the map. 

Interactive Map

Search, Calendar View, Sorting, Batch Edit, Labelling, Auto-fill, Quick actions, and so much more!

Powerful Logging Tools

One-Tap Import

Converting your previous experience to Logger is easy. Logger supports many different eLogbooks and Airline systems. It automatically re-creates aircraft and pilot databases. Give it a go!

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